Interconnectedness of Nature & Nurture

Step into the BIT campus, and you will be surrounded by a spectacular panorama of nature in its most pristine form. Salubrious, serene, and stimulating, it inspires an amalgamated development of the body and mind. The primary intention of the BIT campus is to blend with nature and create an integrated environment conducive to learning. The Green Campus reflects the sustainable green vision of Bearys group and adheres to the norms and guidelines of the Green Building Sustainable Development. Here nature and nurture come together to inspire young minds to become environmentally conscious leaders of the global world. The visitors are welcomed by warm laterite facades, and landscaped gardens. Lush greenery surrounds all learning and residential spaces. Classrooms are wide, natural day light & well ventilated and technology enabled. Student accommodations are spacious and private. The campus cafeteria caters to all tastes and serves nutritious and balanced meals. Convenience stores and other basic amenities are all available within the campus premises.




Sports improve emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, and leadership qualities. It can bring out the hidden talents of students and improve interaction with diverse sets of people. This club encourages students to excel in sports by giving them opportunities through various sporting events and competitions held in the college as well as at inter-collegiate levels.


Arts bring different people together, and culture helps to enrich and appreciate each other with its diversity, and brings about understanding. The BIT Arts and Cultural forum helps students hone and develop their skills in various activities like dramatics, music, painting, dance, public speaking, and other social and interpersonal skills.


Eco-consciousness is firmly integrated into BIT’s programs. The BIT Green Club introduces a unique tradition of planting saplings. Both staff and students will each plant a sapling and nurture it. Besides reflecting BIT’s strong commitment to the environment, each sapling symbolizes the student whose potential BIT will nurture and bring to fruition.


Pain Relief and You is a BIT initiative to encourage students and faculty to contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged through social and community service activities. The student members of this club are also active in mobilizing resources for relief funds for those in need of rehabilitation from natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.


The key difference between creativity and innovation is execution – the capacity to turn an idea into a successful service, product, or venture. A logical approach for understanding the essence of innovation is needed in creating technocrats and leaders of tomorrow, BIT Innovators Club encourages core research & development from both faculty and students.

BIT Sports

BIT encourages its students to actively play sports and games while on campus. Facilities to play Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Cricket are available. Indoor games like carrom, chess and table tennis are also provided. Students are also encouraged to use the gym facility with imported equipment.



Developing the future generation of entrepreneurs and leaders is a key focus of the BIT program. To this end we have created an ‘Opportunity Fund’ to provide seed capital for our budding entrepreneurs and innovators and help them bring their ideas to fruition.

Anti Ragging Policy

The Government of Karnataka has made ragging a cognizable offense punishable with imprisonment, and holds the Principal responsible for making the College ragging-free. VTU is keeping a strict vigil to prevent any sort of ragging. Under the direction of the Supreme Court of India, authorities have asked colleges to take necessary measures to prevent ragging.

Students are severely warned that

  • Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited by law both inside and outside the campus.
  • Offenders will be dismissed from the College and the hostel and reported to the police.
  • Photographs of offenders will not only be displayed on the notice board, but also published in newspapers.
  • Offenders cannot appear for university examinations.
  • Names of offenders will be sent to VTU, which will record the fact in the marks card.

There is no such thing as friendly ragging or mild ragging. All forms of ragging are dehumanizing and go against our value system. The College will not take a lenient view of any instance of ragging. The College has formed an ANTI-RAGGING COMMITTEE. Apart from the Vice Principal, senior teachers and senior students as members, media persons and the police authorities are represented in this committee. Please do not hesitate to approach any of them. They will ensure confidentiality also. Freshers are advised to make a note of their names. Any student who becomes a victim of ragging of any kind must report to the anti-ragging committee without any fear and the college will take strict action.


There is an absolute ban on ragging in the College. The Supreme Court and the Government of Karnataka prohibit any act of ragging. Exemplary punishment including filing of an FIR with the police, entry of the participation of the crime in all certifications and expulsion, will be handed out to any defaulters. Any student found ragging faces expulsion from the college for a term (six months), with payment of tuition fees for term and fine of Rs.25,000/-, vacating the hostel, cancelling scholarships, debarring from representing Institutions in tournaments, youth festivals etc. The onus to prove innocence will be on the one accused. UGC has clarified that regulations cover the entire premises of Educational Institutions, including canteen, playground and all means of transport for students.

Offenders will be dismissed from college and the hostel and
reported  to the police.

Caste Based discrimination guidelines




Training and Placement Cell at Bearys Institute of Technology guides students to become competent professionals with domain knowledge and skills to meet their career aspirations and to become good human beings.
Students undergo a structured Training Program in the form of Aptitude, Technical and Soft Skill Sessions. The cell has a Streamlined Programs and is active in inviting industry partners to conduct Placement Drives and other related activities, thereby augmenting placement opportunities to students.
Our graduates are employed with companies such as Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, Mphasis, Capgemini, iWave Systems, Molex, Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt Ltd, K2K Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Bearys Properties and Developments Pvt Ltd, to name a few.

Ms. Ashwini

Placement Manager


+91 72596 67744

[email protected]

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. Abdul Jabbar

ECE Depatment

Prof. Jeevan N D

ECE Depatment

Prof. Umme Najma

CSE Depatment

Prof. Vinod Kumar

Mechanical Department

Prof. Gokuldas M

Mechanical Department

Prof. Altamashuddin Khan

Civil Department



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Football Tournament – 26.11.2021

Football Tournament – 26.11.2021

Football Tournament Conducted by South India Engineering College Association at Sharjah on 26.11.2021, BIT Alumni Team were the Winners. Around 30 Colleges had participated.

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