Industrial visits allow the students to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives the students exposure to current work practices as opposed to theoretical knowledge being taught in their college classrooms.

To get practical knowledge and to give an insight into the way things work in a real-life scenario, students of 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering, at Beary’s Institute of Technology, Mangalore visited Lamina Foundries Limited, Karkala, Udupi on 13th  February 2023 as a part of an Industrial visit, assisted by 2 faculty members – Prof.Arvind Kumar and Prof.Vinod Kumar A group of 21 members of Beary’s Institute of Technology, Mangalore (2 Faculty members & 19 Students) visited Lamina Foundries Limited, Karkala, Udupi.

The students learnt various industrial foundry practices (Casting), CNC machining operations and applications. Students also observed Inspection Facilities like Spectro analysis of Chemical composition – 20 elements, For monitoring the melting Process i.e: C%, Si%, Carbon equivalent and Molten metal temperature, Wet analysis for finding Metal composition such as C%, Si%, Mn%, P%, S%, Cr% etc. Sand testing + Bentonite Testing, Microstructure analysis, Dimensional inspection Facilities, Standard lab & Gauge calibration facility, Paint coating thickness Gauge, Vertical Dynamic balancing machine – V 55 B