Industrial visit aim is to enhances the practical knowledge of whatever is learnt in the class room. It gives an insight about real-life scenario of Civil Engineering, thereby increasing the opportunities for internships, placements, etc., for the students.

Students of 2nd year Civil engineering, Beary’s Institute of Technology, Mangalore visited  Surathkal Nirmithi Kendra and HH Ceramics, Kuthar, Mangalore on 14th February 2023 as a part of an Industrial visit, assisted by 3 faculty members – Prof. Shareefa R Nadaf , Prof.Vijay and Prof. Bharath, A group of 15 members including 3 Faculties and 12 Students visited the site.

The students got the knowledge about the manufacturing & burning process of hollow bricks & about usage of this materials for various purpose such as Reinforced bricks, Reinforced pillars and Brick jaali etc.

In addition to this Nirmithi Kendra Surathkal they showcased the usage of ferrocement products & its applications and the study of rain water harvesting & its uses.