“Vision followed by execution makes a strategy” Says Altaf Mulla

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“Vision followed by a meticulous execution makes a strategy. Google has become the most preferred search engine for people to find solutions online because it has the synergy of information through interconnection between several data banks. In the same way alumni should be synergized and connected to each other to make the best of individual capabilities,” said Mr. Altaf Mulla , Director Product Marketing , Motorola USA. He was addressing the alumni of Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore, at the 2nd Alumni Meet held at its Knowledge campus on June 8th 2014.

Prof. Sheikh Moidin K.M, The convener of the program, welcomed the gathering and briefed them about the goals and objectives of the Alumni association. He said students should be bold and confident to first start any task. Only then would success have a chance of following.

The Principal, Dr.S.A Khan, in his address, drew extensively from his rich experience in the DRDO laboratories and rocket technology and elaborated that in academics we study ideal cases which vary significantly from the real scenarios. Students should realize the difference between ideal and real conditions while finding the solution to real life problems. He also added that the role of alumni is important in giving the feedback to the institution to improve the standard of education.

Dr Sainath M, The campus director, spoke about the outreach programs and transformations happening at BIT in last few years. He said that while conventional education combined with the experience of the elders and senior alumni will help them decide how to work smart. He used the analogy of the pencil story to advice the students that they should learn 5 important points to progress in life. These five are: (i) like the pencil, they can do great things only if they let themselves to be held in someone’s hand. They must always trust that they are in God’s hand to be useful (ii) they could erase any mistake they made. In life it requires one to set aside one’s ego to learn from mistakes (iii) they would have to undergo painful sharpening to enable them to stay useful. Tough situations in life help strengthen the individual (iv) they must leave a mark on any surface they get in contact with. One must leave a positive impression with everyone they interact with (v) their most important component is what is inside. Our greatest gifts given by God are what are inside us – the strength of our character.

The chairman of Bearys Academy of Learning, Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary addressed the gathering and said, “knowledge should not be hidden. It should be shared in whatever way possible. He said students should guide the surroundings in which they move and touch the lives of people they interact with. He said BITians should be the beacon of light to the world.

The alumni too shared their experiences and expectations on this occasion. Alumni coordinators were also nominated from the current passing out students. Prof Rajarajeshwari, HOD, Electronics and Communications engineering, delivered the vote of thanks. Prof Shivaprakash, HOD Basic Science, was the master of ceremony.

Prof Mustafa, HOD-CSE, Prof Ahmed Baig –HOD mechanical, Prof Raunaq Ahmed, HOD-Civil were also present in the function along with faculty members.

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