Three days FDP “Train the Trainers – Teachers 360”

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The BIT and BEADS organized a three days faculty development program from 28th to 30th January 2020 for all the faculties of BIT- Engineering, BEADS- Architecture and BIT-Polytechnic.

Dr Syed Habeeb, a motivational speaker and international leadership coach and the author, who is also a Director at the Indian School of Business and Computing, Bangalore was the resource person for the workshop. The workshop was organized at the International Conference Hall at 10:00 AM. The BIT Principal, Dr S.I Manjur Basha welcomed the gathering, introduced the resource person and inspired faculties for attending all the sessions. The Director of BIT-Polytechnic spoke about the importance of the Faculty Development program.

The resource person began the training session with the quote by Sidney Hook ”Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not the methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system”. Elaborating the objectives of this workshop he said “A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron” The discussions were informal and lessons were activity-based for the self-development and life skills development.

The day one activity was BINGO, the objective was to know about our colleagues by writing the attributes of fellow faculties. Some of the learning outcomes were -effective communication – helping the people and team building. The second session was about gibberish language to form the teams and define the product with the tag line, all the teams came with innovative names and products with a tag line. The outcome was presenting the ideas, communication and exploring the opportunities. He also spoke about the qualities of a good teacher which includes Truthful, Encouraging, Approachable, Humorous, Creative and Energetic.

The day two started with activity in which everyone has to talk to the audience about the learning which has taken place on day one and the expectation from resource person. This session was enjoyed and active participation was found. The second-day afternoon session was the activity named how to map Mind. For this activity, the teams have used text and colour pictures to represent their thoughts to link and emphasizing different aspects. At the end of day two, the competition was held to present ideas for vision 2025 for BIT and BEADS. It was brainstorming the session with fun and learning.

The day three began with the introduction to Transactional Analysis in which the Ego state was discussed like Parent, Adult and child Egos. It is basically the behaviour of human being under different states.  Even the parent ego state has two categories, one is the critical parent and nurturing parent. Based on this learning activity was organized so as to handle the elderly people, youth and kids. Overall the workshop was designed to facilitate our journey of learning to enable to self-discovery and to support faculties in identifying inner potentials. The program was witnessed by Principal of Bearys Enviro Architecture Design School (BEADS), Ar. Ashok LP Mendonca, and Heads of various departments. All Teaching and non-teaching staff enjoyed the development program and gave positive feedback about all the sessions. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Principal- BIT

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