Campus Life

Step into the BIT campus, and you will be surrounded by an astonishing panorama of nature in its most pristine form. Salubrious, serene and stimulating it inspires an amalgamated development of the body and mind.

The primary intention of the BIT campus is to blend it with nature and create an integrated environment for learning, teaching and residing. It reflects the sustainable green vision of Bearys group and adheres to the norms and guidelines of Green Building Sustainable Development.

Upon entering the campus the visitor is welcomed by warm laterite facades, and landscaped gardens. Lush greenery surrounds all learning and residential spaces. Classrooms are wide, naturally well ventilated and technology-enabled. Student accommodations are spacious and private. The campus cafeteria caters to all tastes and serves nutritious and balanced meals. Convenience stores and other basic amenities are all available within the campus premises.

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