BIT Clubs

BIT constantly strives to encourage talent, inspire innovation & creativity and instill human values among its students. To achieve this, BIT has established 5 dynamic clubs. Students are encouraged to be a part of any of these clubs. Regular activities are conducted by these clubs that enable students to discover their latent talent.


This club encourages students to excel in sports by giving them opportunities through various sporting events and competitions held in the college as well as at inter-collegiate levels. 


BIT Arts and Cultural forum helps students hone and develop their skills in various activities like dramatics, music, painting, dance, public speaking etc.


Eco consciousness is firmly integrated into BIT’s programs. BIT Green Club introduces a unique tradition of Planting Saplings. Both staff and students will each plant a sapling and nurture it. Besides reflecting BIT’s strong commitment to the environment, each sapling symbolizes the student whose potential BIT will nurture and bring to fruition.

Pain Relief and You is a BIT initiative to encourage students and faculty to contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged through social and community service activities. The student members of this club also are active in mobilizing resources for relief funds for those in need of rehabilitation from natural calamities like floods, earthquake etc.

In creating technocrats and leaders of tomorrow, BIT Innovators Club encourages core research & development from both faculty and students.

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