Raining Placements at BIT – VDart Software Services Pvt. Ltd

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                              Campus Drive – 23.04.16

The Management, Principal and Staffs heartily Congratulate the Students for getting Placed to HCL Technologies through VDart Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

List of Candidates Selected for Training -VDart Software Services

S.No. Name Qualification


1 Reema Abdul Rauf BE-CSE Selected
2 Firdous BE-CSE Selected
3 Nirshan Pallkkadath BE-CSE Selected
4 Nihan N Sheikh BE-CSE Selected
5 Kurdi Nawal Habib BE-CSE Selected
6 MD Waseem Razaa Khazi BE-ISE Selected
7 Shreya Rai BE-ECE Selected
8 Mala R Katwe BE-ECE Selected
9 Mohammed Azaruddin BE-ECE Selected
10 Ashritha Salian BE-ECE Selected
11 Nawaz Chamadia BE-Mech Selected
12 Raziuddin Karigar BE-Mech Selected
13 Mohammed Hafeez BE-Mech Selected
14 Pajwal Dinesh Kumar BE-Mech Selected
15 Milton Lawrence Dsouza BE-Mech Selected
16 Likith BE-Mech Selected
17 Kalandar Hassan BE-Mech Selected
18 Neston Loyd Dsilva BE-Civil Selected
19 Riyaz M A BE-Civil Selected
20 Totayya N BE-Civil Selected

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