Out of the box thinking for BIT diploma students

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Students motivational program on “Thinking out of Box” was conducted on 7th January 2019 for the Diploma students of BIT-Polytechnic at Bearys Knowledge Campus. The resources person for the event was Mr. Ateequr Rahaman, Renowned Motivational Trainer and Expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  In his talk Mr. Rahaman told students to become role models for the society by thinking out of box. He quoted the example of OLA taxi start up, which has started in the small room and grown to tallest heights; he also quoted the story of Thomas Alva Edison for the invention of Bulb, which was finally successful after innumerable failures. He said “Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final “In his talk he said “Learning goals is equal to gain skills and master tasks; performance goal is equal to “will this make me look smarter or better than others?” He appealed the students to take challenges in life and prove that “we are the leaders. And “You need to be less shy!”  “Speaking up in this class shows your interests and understanding in the subjects.” At the end students share their thoughts and challenges with resource person.   The program was witnessed by Management Trustee, Mr. Mazher Beary, Principal BIT Polytechnic, Dr. Aziz Mustafa and Heads of various departments.

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