Workshop on Electromagnetic Field Theory

November 8, 2014

IETEInstitution of Electronics and Telecommunications (IETE) students’ chapter at BIT (BIT-ISF) organized a one-day workshop on Electromagnetic (EM) Theory and Applications at the BIT campus in Mangalore. This workshop, conducted as a part of IETE foundation lecture series, was attended by close to 100 students from several colleges in Mangalore. The workshop aims to deliver a condensed capsule of the fundamental concepts of EM theory to students and young faculty members so that they can easily relate to the subject and its ancillary branches like Microwave communications, Photonics, Optical Communications, among others.

Dr. M V Chaitanya Kumar, Principal of KNSIT, Bangalore and Prof. H.S. Bhatia from IETE, Bangalore, were the subject experts who conducted the workshop. Prof. Abdul Rehman, the HOD of ECE at BIT welcomed the gathering. He said that as long as students fail to grasp the basics and fundamental concepts of subjects, they would continue to suffer from poor performance in exams. He advised them to seek the help of their teachers and occasions like this to develop their knowledge. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal of BIT, Dr. Palakshappa K said that students must make the best use of opportunities like this to expand their knowledge. He encouraged them to take part and organize more such sessions so that experts could visit them and give them opportunities to gain wider vision of subjects. The Director of Campus, BIT, Dr. M. Sainath then spoke and said that no process of learning or experience in life is free from hard work or some degree of pressure. He advised the students not to give in to their fears regarding any subject since that would mean doubting their own potential.

The workshop was conducted deftly by the subject experts in three sessions. The first session was utilized to cover the fundamental concepts and a study of the prerequisites for the course of EM theory. The second session saw the speakers cover the Maxwell’s equations and their significance. The third session was dedicated to giving some practical problems in EM theory along with the solutions and discussing the various applications of EM waves.

The session concluded with a valedictory function where the BIT-ISF presented mementos to the guest speakers. The vote of thanks was rendered by John Machado, 7th Sem ECE and event was coordinated by Prof. Abubacker Shameez, the faculty coordinator for BIT-ISF.

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