BIT Diploma Induction Program

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The induction and orientation program for fresh batch of students was conducted in Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) at its campus on 1st August, 2014. About 250 students and their parents participated in the program. Dr. M. Sainath, Campus Director, welcomed the gathering. Addressing the new students and their parents, the Chairman of Bearys Academy of Learning, Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary, said that each student must develop a quality of endurance and must be hard working. He advised the students to spend more time on their studies and not give importance to frivolous pursuits. “Sacrifice and Success are like two sides of the same coin. You cannot get success without sacrifice”, he said. Delivering the keynote address, the Chief Guest Mr. Noor Mohamed Khalid – a leading Project Management Consultant from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – said that students should develop the art of listening and do whatever they do in the best possible manner.  He asked the students to follow the teachers’ instructions precisely. He illustrated his points with good interactive sessions that held the audience in rapt attention. “Time, Energy and Effort are the three factors that determine the execution of any project. These are like the three sides of a triangle. The area in between is the degree of success. If you want more success, then you must be prepared to extend at least one, if not more, of the sides of the triangle,” he said. Thereafter the session was thrown open to the audience. Feedback was collected from the parents and students about their expectations and hopes from the college. The Principal Dr. S. Palakshappa spoke to the students and briefly outlined to them what was expected of them by way of their commitment to their academics and discipline. He dwelt upon the need for students to stay focused on their studies and make a bright future.  He said that discipline and regular attendance to classes would ensure good success. The formal function ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Aziz Mustafa, Professor from the Department of Computer Science Engineering. The forenoon session closed with the singing of the national anthem.

During the afternoon, Mr. Noor Mohamed Khalid interacted with the faculty. In his highly motivating talk, he said “the knowledge which you impart today to your students should be such that it will get you great name and gratitude from them even after you leave this world.” His talk was followed by a lively interactive session which saw free flowing discussions between the faculty and the chief guest.

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