Bearys Arena’ Sports ground inaugurated at Bearys Knowledge Campus

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Bearys Arena, the sports ground was inaugurated on 23rd  Nov 2019 at 9:30 AM in the presence of Chief Guest Mr. Rajesh Naik U, MLA, Bantwal Constituency, guest of honour Mr. Arunangshu Giri, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mangaluru, Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary, Chairman of Bearys Group of Institutions, and Mr.Ashraf Beary, Director, Bearys Infrastructure & Construction Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Naik and Mr. Arunangshu Giri inaugurated the Bearys Arena.

Mr.Rajesh Naik, Speaking on this occasion, he said that “Sports is important of education. Earlier it was being ignored and students were forced to only concentrate on their academics. Things have changed for good now and sports is getting its deserved recognition. Educational institutions are started giving more weight to Sports.” Rajesh said.

Rajesh also added that the kids who grow up in rural areas are more active than those who grow up in the city’s environment due to various factors. “Kids today are more into gadgets and mobile phones rather than going out and playing sports. The technology has brought the world to their feet” he said. Further, he added the students should actively take part in sports activities and opportunities that are being provided by institutions like BIT and others.

Addressing the gathering Mr. Arunangshu Giri said that every Student’s life is shaped by the educational context. This means that both academics and extra-curricular learning will decide which direction to pursue. Hence the students have to cut down on Mobile usage. Stay away from drug addiction. And one should get more interested in the sport, to come out of frustration.

Syed Mohamed Beary, President of the Bearys Group, who chaired the event, said, “The Group’s mission is to promote Education, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. That is why, the stadium is built in a special way for multipurpose use i.e for outdoor games, panel discussion and group study. He said “The Student community should actively involve in sports and cultural activities. He said the stadium has several eco-friendly elements like under-deck drip irrigation system installed which will reduce water consumption by 90%. The stadium creates a greener environment by directing the flowing water. Also, about 1.25 lakh laterite stones from the ground are extracted for future construction. The landscape area is used for growing fruit yielding plants.

Ar. Ashok Mendonca, Principal of BEADS, Dr. Aziz Mustafa, Director of BIT-Polytechnic College, Dr. Mahendra, Event coordinator,  Dr. Abdullah Gubbi, Media in charge and Head of various departments were present. Dr. Manjur Basha, Principal, BIT delivered the welcome note and Mr. Safwan Khan, Physical Education Director, delivered the vote of thanks. Ms. Sanya Rahman, Student of ECE was the Master of the ceremony.

To coincide with the auspicious occasion, a football tournament was conducted. The PUC students from Kasaragod, Udupi and Mangalore Districts took part in the intercollegiate level football tournament. The total of 23 teams participated in the tournament. Workers involved in the construction of the stadium were felicitated on this occasion.


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