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‘Delivering excellence consistently’ sums up the spirit of the Bearys Group. Right from the start, we identified ‘Triple E’ – Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education as three key focus areas to which we commit a relentless pursuit of quality and utmost customer satisfaction. We support all our initiatives in these areas with specialist engineering and management teams who bring to our projects experience, expertise and varied skills. Moreover, we are fortunate to have an eminent global network of technocrats, educators, engineers, architects, consultants and service providers who endorse our work and add significant value to each one of our endeavors.

Triple E


From humble beginnings as real estate agents in 1981, today we ofer a wide spectrum of services across the real estate sector; from design, development, construction, management, coordination, to marketing and advisory services. We meet the real estate and property development needs of corporate, government agencies, MNCs and innumerable individuals in India and abroad. Today we have created a niche in property development with several award winning projects that are architecturally innovative, functionally sound, environmentally conscious and offer highest value for investment. We continually strive to chart new territory and set new benchmarks in the industry.


As a founding member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), all our projects are synonymous with ‘Sustainable Green Architecture’. We believe in creating spaces that respect nature and contribute positively to the neighborhood. Not resting on the laurels awarded to us for our efforts in this sphere, we endeavor to be truly ‘Green’ in all our initiatives.


Taking forward the legacy of our late father who was a dedicated teacher, we have been establishing several educational institutions from the primary to collegiate level since 1906. Set up under the aegis of charitable trusts, these institutions impart quality education especially to rural communities and the economically backward. Montessories have become an integral part of all our projects. We also spearhead a number of socially relevant projects as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including “Clean City – Green City” a path breaking initiative along with IGBC.


The Future

Bearys Knowledge Campus

BIT is the flag bearer institute of the Bearys Education initiatives. Besides demonstrating the Group’s commitment to quality education, it introduces a new and visionary concept of learning where nature and nurture effectively come together to offer a complete education. Embrace Change Among the many lessons we learn from nature every day, two have been significant – ‘embrace change’ and ‘continuously grow’. BIT firmly adheres to these principles of nature. We are focused on the changing needs of students, industry and academia. We believe this focus must always translate into the curriculum, course material, assessments, appraisals and upgradation of campus facilities. In order to continuously grow, we are determined to expand our community of learners, from students to faculty to staff. Academically too, we aim to augment courses with Electrical, Chemical, Marine, Aeronautical, Biotechnology, Environmental and Industrial Management Engineering added to our list of offerings. On a larger scale, the BIT campus is designed for change and growth. Our campus is scalable and ofers dynamic, modular options within each building. Looking beyond the Engineering stream, the Bearys Group has created a master plan for a collection of educational institutions, among them:

  • Bearys School of Sustainable Architecture
  • Bearys Institute of Planning & Management
  • Sarah Fathima School of Fashion Design

BIT is the beginning of an exciting journey for the Bearys Group and for all who join the Institute. We look forward to welcoming you, learning with you and helping you reach your full potential as a responsible and successful leader for a better world.

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